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IBEX Gruppe AG has the following investment focus, as further elaborated in the downloadable PDF here (ENG/ GER)


  • Greenfield development on land plots or redevelopment of existent buildings;

  • Commercial zoning in place;

  • Located in the following University cities:                                                                     

    • Zurich and the greater agglomeration; 

    • Basel, including the communities of Prattlen and the border communities Lörrach, Grenzach, Weil am Rhein and St Louis;

    • Bern;  

    • Winterthur; 

    • St. Gallen;  

    • Lausanne;

  • Well located micro-locations within these cities, with easy access to public transportation (bus/tram/train) and within a total travel time to the relevant University or College of no more than 10 to 15 minutes;

  • Located close to public amenities such as supermarkets/shopping centres/restaurants/bars;

  • Regarding the development potential:

    • A minimum of 100 to 150 beds, each with a living space of 20 to 25 sqm;

    • room for common use spaces such as reception area/gym/study rooms/relaxation rooms/bar/restaurant;

  • Multiple smaller (50 to 100 units) complexes in (very) close proximity are also possible.

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