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IBEX Gruppe AG will develop student housing complexes with a clear view on long-term sustainability of the building itself, the energy consumption of it and its occupants, and the impact of the building on its immediate surroundings.

Specifically, this means that:

1. The complexes will adhere at least to an Minergie rating;

2. The complexes will, where possible, make use of green energy provided by local energy suppliers

3. The complexes will, where possible, provide their own energy through;

     - Rooftop solar panels;

     - Underground cooling and heating storage systems;

4. The complexes will, where possible, provide internal and external green walls and green roofs;

5. The complexes will be constructed in such a fashion that they are easily transformable, if needed, into residential use by young professionals/as starter homes/by small families/etc.


The overall goal is to build a portfolio of developed assets that raise awareness for their inhabitants, and have a long-term positive impact on the environment/their immediate surrounding.

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